Alinta Krauth, If the Forest Wanders

Alinta Krauth’s art practice explores the intersection of art, environment, science, poetry and technology. As a digital artist, Krauth combines an array of media including; projection, interactivity, game-play, text, and audio to generate a dialogue around concerns of environmental degradation and species conservation.

Krauth’s projection mapped work, Little Boxes, 2014 was featured in the Art & Science and draws attention to the plight of the Flying Fox, a nocturnal bat that is under increasing pressure from habitat loss. The repeated projection surface references the shape of the bats wings, and the projected images creates a reminder of the bat’s nocturnal beauty and the impact of human disruption. In Krauth’s interactive work desktop work Treemails, 2015-16 she uses text to connect the viewer to nature. This first phase of this work was made for the Bulimba Festival, where the community was invited to write letters to the trees that have historic significance in the local park.

Krauth also explores scientific theorems, organic data and resultant patterning in her work. Shadows blister those who try to touch, 2015 is an interactive projection mapping installation visualising the natural phenomena known as the ‘shadow blister’ effect, where overlapping shadows appear to bulge or blister toward one another.

For Friday Night Laneways, Organic Data Krauth will create an immersive and site-specific interactive projection titled, If the forest wonders. This work will be projected onto the underside of the train tracks that run above Fish Lane, South Brisbane. In her new work, an array of bio-luminescent creatures will grow around the imaged train tracks. The audience are invited to influence the work, through the use of a simple controller, triggering animations and unexpected changes. If the forest wonders, 2016 offers a moment of digital connection, reminding us of the fragility and beauty of the natural world and the encroachment of urbanization into numerous habitats.

Be sure to catch If the forest wanders, it will be on display at Fish Lane, South Brisbane Friday 11 March, 6-10pm during the World Science Festival, Brisbane.


Image: Alinta Krauth, If the forest wanders, 2016. Interactive projection mapping screen shot. Courtesy of the artist. © Alinta Krauth.

Friday Night Laneways, Organic Data is an initiative of Brisbane City Council.

  • Where: Fish Lane, South Brisbane (over the road from the Qld Museum)
  • When: 6-10pm, Friday 11 March, 2016
  • This is a free event, bookings not required.
  • #TeamBNE #bneculture
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