In space and time at ‘the churchie’

Just as scientists are making new discoveries in space and increasing our understanding of the universe, emerging artists are pushing the boundaries of art practice into unchartered territories. QUT Art Museum is the new home for ‘the churchie’ national emerging art prize that offers a ‘glimpse into the future of the Australian contemporary art scene’. QUT Art Museum gallery is currently exhibiting 23 selected finalists’ works; a small portion of the 445 submissions received. The works reflect a breadth of emerging artists from around the country. In the variety of work and… Read More

Art Meets Science

It is National Science Week (13-21 August 2016) and a great time to venture behind the imposing brick walls of Boggo Road Goal in Dutton Park, Brisbane to discover the EcoSciences precinct. This precinct is a collaborative environment for more than 1000 scientists, dedicated to solving some of Australia’s biggest environmental challenges. At the EcoSciences precinct artists have the opportunity to get involved with the Artists-in-Residence—Science (AIRS) program. AIRS provides the selected artists the opportunity to explore science first hand and the resulting exhibition, Art Meets Science is now on in the EcoScience’s building foyer…. Read More

Alinta Krauth, If the Forest Wanders

Alinta Krauth’s art practice explores the intersection of art, environment, science, poetry and technology. As a digital artist, Krauth combines an array of media including; projection, interactivity, game-play, text, and audio to generate a dialogue around concerns of environmental degradation and species conservation. Krauth’s projection mapped work, Little Boxes, 2014 was featured in the Art & Science and draws attention to the plight of the Flying Fox, a nocturnal bat that is under increasing pressure from habitat loss. The repeated projection surface references the shape of the bats wings, and the projected… Read More