Botanica | Blurring Boundaries

On Friday evening, I found myself wandering around the city fringes into the lush green parklands of the City Botanic Gardens to experience Botanica. With the promise of illuminated artworks, foodtrucks, live music and giant roving puppets my evening plans were underway. On arrival, the park was buzzing with visitors, and keen to find out more I joined the guided tour. The tour took us on an exploratory journey through the gardens to learn more about the artists and their works. The program brought together 16 artists from around Australia with diverse works on… Read More

Alinta Krauth, If the Forest Wanders

Alinta Krauth’s art practice explores the intersection of art, environment, science, poetry and technology. As a digital artist, Krauth combines an array of media including; projection, interactivity, game-play, text, and audio to generate a dialogue around concerns of environmental degradation and species conservation. Krauth’s projection mapped work, Little Boxes, 2014 was featured in the Art & Science and draws attention to the plight of the Flying Fox, a nocturnal bat that is under increasing pressure from habitat loss. The repeated projection surface references the shape of the bats wings, and the projected… Read More