Mindful photography

During the dislocation of last year, I instinctively started solo walks around my neighbourhood taking photos of incidental moments. I found these walks with my camera to be valuable on several levels; walking gave me an excuse to go outside while exploring my local area gathering creative inspiration. Walking, particularly in nature is often linked to the creative process. Author Charlotte Wood [1] describes walking as: “It is a useful trick: silent walking allows the mind to empty without the paralysing fear of stillness. A letting-go takes place. An easy, featherweight attention must be… Read More

Colour and creativity

Feature image: Joanna Pinkiewicz, Shaded Pools, 2021. Joanna Pinkiewicz is a Tasmanian-based artist and designer. Joanna has a deep understanding and experience of colour and works as a fine artist, colour consultant, and colour theory educator. Trained as a scenic artist Joanna has extensive commercial and fine art experience over which time she had developed her relationship with colour using it as a medium for expression. While we recognise that colour has an emotional impact our reactions to it can be complex, based on the interplay of symbolic and unconscious associations as well… Read More

Creativity and wellbeing

The pandemic has been a time of change and disruption and the arts and cultural sector has been severely impacted. At the same time, we can see the valuable role creativity has on our wellbeing. This period has prompted me to delve into the topic of creativity, considering its contribution to wellbeing and how to cultivate creativity in everyday life. I have drawn on existing research, held conversations with creative practitioners, and picked up a paintbrush. The result is a series of articles and accompanying interviews complied for my studies in Multiplatform Storytelling at The University of Tasmania, I… Read More