Review: GOMA Q at GOMA

  If I want to see contemporary Queensland art, I usually plan a trip to a local University art museum or an artist run initiative. So when I found out the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) was curating an exhibition of contemporary Queensland artists, I was a somewhat surprised. As Queensland’s leading contemporary art institution, GOMA is better known for drawing people in with its blockbuster international exhibitions such as the Asia Pacific Triennial, rather than its focus on contemporary Queensland art practice. Excited at the prospect of seeing an exhibition comprising… Read More

Small Scale Stories – Part 2, Interview with Maria Flourou

  Mobile photographer Maria Flourou kindly agreed to chat to Engage Arts for our Small Scale blog post Part 2. Maria shares her thoughts on Instagram and reveals some of the techniques she uses to create her layered photographic works. Kerry: What inspires your photography? Maria: Life, dreams and escapism. Kerry: Instagram has become a great place to discover artists and their work, what made you join Instagram and why do you like it as a platform? Maria: I had been introduced to it by a friend and was only using it… Read More

Small Scale Stories – Part 1

  A drizzly winter’s day has ignited my interest in all things internal, leaving me content to be read a good book and enjoy the intimate interior view. The bold bright Brisbane landscape, city lights and expense of blue sky have been temporarily swapped for these small scale stories. Right on cue, the Lethbridge Gallery in Paddington, Brisbane has delivered the Lethbridge 10000 Small Scale Art Award showcasing pint-sized works. The finalists are on display at the Latrobe Terrace gallery from 13 June to 28 July 2015. The idea behind the annual… Read More