Refresh | Friday Night Laneways – Videos

Fancy a little post-Easter refresh of Friday Night Laneways? Thanks to Owen of Shortstack Productions, you can take a look at the videos (below) or follow the link the Engage Arts YouTube Channel. Thanks to Craig Parry for the music track for the videos! Check out Craig’s Weird Dance Music compilation. Here is a little more about the event for those who missed it… Brisbane City Council selected Engage Arts to produce Friday Night Laneways on 11 March 2016 at Fish Lane during the World Science Festival Brisbane. The event brought together… Read More

Wrap-up | Friday Night Laneways Organic Data

Brisbane City Council’s Friday Night Laneways event Organic Data for the World Science Festival Brisbane presented Fish Lane as an electronic canvas illuminated with light and sound. Curated and produced by Engage Arts, we invited four creatives working with art, music, technology and science to create an interactive audience experience. With the World Science Festival hub just across the road from Fish Lane, curious visitors came to check out Organic Data. On Grey Street, a projection mapped artwork washed over the colonial façade of the building. This work depicted an animated underwater… Read More

In the Spotlight: Craig Parry

With Friday Night Laneways, Organic Data just around the corner, we are excited to chat with musician, teacher, composer and DJ Craig Parry (Puzhaki). Craig is bringing an interactive audio-visual set to Organic Data at Fish Lane, South Brisbane during the World Science Festival Brisbane. In the spirit of art, science and technology, Craig’s shares insights into his experimental electronic sounds. Kerry: As a professional musician and DJ, live electronic music performances and music technology are part of your daily work. Can you tell us more about what’s involved in composing and… Read More