2015 – what a year!

With the holiday season upon us it feels like the right time to reflect on the year that was… 2015 has been a fantastic first year for the Engage Arts team. We’ve produced some exciting projects and collaborated with amazing creative partners. For the International Year of Light we participated in the U.R{BNE} Festival bringing a range of creative projects to life. We organised a 1 Million Stars to End Violence workshop and were proud to produce Alinta Krauth’s projection mapped installation, Wind blisters those who try to run, which shone a… Read More

In The Spotlight: Alexandra Lawson

  Traditionally, when we visit an art gallery we expect to simply view the objects on display; it is assumed that we will not be allowed to touch or interact with the exhibitions. Social Art—otherwise known as participatory art—is one way that artists are attempting to challenge this idea. Social Art creates social conditions that invite viewers to physically engage and interact with the creative process of an artwork. As a result, the viewer’s role transforms from spectator to participant allowing them to act alongside the artist as an author and creator… Read More

Graphics | U.R{BNE} Festival 2015

  We were delighted to have partnered with the U.R{BNE} Collective for the U.R{BNE} Festival 2015. This year’s festival theme is inspired by the concept of ‘urban acupuncture’—looking at how small interventions can transform the larger urban context. Engage Arts provided a range of graphics that answered the festival’s theme—to reflect the Brisbane vibe of sunshine and creativity. The festival’s sub-themes required symbols and a strong colour identity that could be used to identify the different aspects of the festival program: • Body Revitalisations – Food, Urban Adventures, Walks, Exercise • Soul Inspirations – Art,… Read More