Botanica | Blurring Boundaries

On Friday evening, I found myself wandering around the city fringes into the lush green parklands of the City Botanic Gardens to experience Botanica. With the promise of illuminated artworks, foodtrucks, live music and giant roving puppets my evening plans were underway. On arrival, the park was buzzing with visitors, and keen to find out more I joined the guided tour. The tour took us on an exploratory journey through the gardens to learn more about the artists and their works. The program brought together 16 artists from around Australia with diverse works on… Read More

In the Spotlight: Freya Pitt

  Freya Pitt is a Melbourne-based projection artist who is taking the art world by storm. She combines beautiful hand-drawn illustrations with projection installations, shadow puppetry and manipulation to examine how different people react to the environment around them. Pitt’s passion for drawing started as a young child and has stayed with her ever since. She grew up in Western Australia and graduated from the Edith Cowan University in 2009 before moving to Melbourne to complete a Masters of Art in Public Spaces at RMIT University. Her whimsical silhouette works have featured in… Read More

In The Spotlight: Lauren Edmonds

  When I first saw the work of emerging multi-media artist, Lauren Edmonds, I was immediately drawn to its Orwellian vibe.[1] Based in Brisbane, Edmonds’ provoking works confront us with current social and political issues. Her work considers the role the news industry plays in pushing particular viewpoints to a mass audience. Whilst critically examining political and social issues, her work offers alternative viewpoints that encourage us to question our perspectives on such issues. Edmonds captures our attention through multimedia works that combine numerous mediums including object-based installation, projections, animation, film, and… Read More