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Engage Arts connected with digital artist and poet Alinta Krauth to produce a work for U.R{BNE} Festival 2015. The result was a light projection titled, Wind blisters those who try to run, which lit-up the Old Windmill at Wickham Park, Spring Hill on the 17 and 18th of April.

The U.R{BNE} Collective is run by a committed group of tactical urbanists that aim to activate neglected urban spaces through community engagement. Our response to the Brisbane City Council’s Draft Spring Hill Renewal Strategy and the goal of urban activation provided the framework for the curatorial rationale of this project. Engage Arts invited artist Alinta Krauth to collaborate with us to produce a site-specific work commissioned for the U.R{BNE} festival.

Krauth chose to work with the Old Windmill in Wickham Park. This monument is the oldest convict built structure in Brisbane and is of great historic significance. Krauth created layers of animated text, hand drawn images, blueprints and photographs that were projected onto the Windmill in response to its long history. Krauth’s original soundscape added both a visually and aurally immersive experience for viewers.

Engage Arts supported the production of this work from concept through to completion—from sourcing specialist projectors that could cover the Windmill’s height to working closely with the U.R{BNE} team to ensure all permissions were received. Our services encompassed:

  • Curatorial rationale
  • Artist selection
  • Strategic vision – Contextualising within National Trust’s Heritage Festival & the International Year of Light
  • Working closely with U.R{BNE} Festival Team’s vision
  • Liaising with U.R{BNE} President to arrange all necessary permissions
  • Art administration, including orgainsing artist agreement, permits and insurance
  • Contracting technical crew and arranging specialist technical projection equipment
  • Marketing of the event, comprising of media releases, social media marketing and website advertising
  • Supervision of install and demount of the work

This projection-mapped art event was not only listed with the UR{BNE} Festival but also on the websites of the National Trust Heritage Festival and The International Year of Light. The event has received positive feedback from Brisbane City Council, guests and local community members and the artist has received significant interest, generating new opportunities for future collaborations.

Engage Arts would like to thank everyone involved—particularly artist Alinta Krauth, the U.R{BNE} Collective, MicroHire, the Brisbane City Council and National Trust for making this event happen.

Here’s what artist Alinta Krauth had to say about working with us:

“I am a new media artist based in South-East Queensland. I was very lucky to have Engage Arts produce my artwork, ‘Wind blisters those who try to run’, a large-scale projection mapping onto Brisbane’s iconic Old Windmill, as part of U.R{BNE} Festival in April of 2015. I had also previously known Engage Arts through their positive and intellectual reviews of my work, and interviews with me as an artist/author. Kerry, director from Engage Arts, handled the hiring of equipment for my U.R{BNE} artwork, as well as liaising with the festival staff. She also handled the budget for my work and oversaw my original application. This left me with more time to focus on content creation for this piece, and greatly reduced the usual stresses of festival involvement. Due to Engage Arts’ efficiency, we ended up with equipment far beyond original expectations, which greatly contributed to my artwork and the public’s engagement with it. Kerry also seemed to be generally instrumental in helping out the festival as a whole, by making sure there was a variety of artists involved, and adequate security and technology for the events. U.R{BNE} was a nicely put together festival, and I’m sure that they benefited greatly from having the involvement of an experienced agency such as Engage Arts”.

Video & Photos by Anna Osetroff. Work is © Alinta Krauth, all rights reserved. For more information on the artist

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