Development | Base Arts Inc.

Business Development Report, Base Arts Inc.

Base Arts Inc. was formed to embed the Arts in Healthcare Program into the Dubbo Hospital Redevelopment, a major infrastructure project due for completion in 2015. Base Arts Inc. had already identified local businesses seeking involvement with their Arts in Health program, however did not have a sponsorship strategy in place.

Engage Arts provided pro-bono strategic business development advice, preparing a preliminary report targeting urgent priorities. The report outlined the need to define the organisation’s strategic vision, identify key stakeholders and define the project assets. The document also provided recommendations for potential sponsor and donor options that presented a good ‘cultural fit’ to the hospital and the art based activities.

This preliminary sponsorship report formed the basis of the final sponsorship package. The group has subsequently secured funding for the legacy work by artist Jonathon Jones and have held an exhibition in conjunction with the Australian Design Centre.

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