Street Journeys #4 | Mik Shida

Brisbane’s flourishing street art scene is home to some of the world’s most respected and talented street artists. Our Street Journeys #4 takes us on a journey to explore the work of internationally renowned Australian street artist Mik Shida. Mik Shida’s large-scale mural works and vibrant artworks can be found on five continents; and we’re lucky enough to have plenty of his works right here on our doorstep!

Mik Shida is a self-taught, multidiciplinary artist who has been involved in the global street art scene since 2004. His captivating expressive style often feature fluid alien-like creatures that draw on his interest in spiritual forms, psychedelic patterns, science fiction and classical painting. He is also well-known for experiments in diverse mediums, from tiny stickers to large-scale murals that occupy 13 story buildings.  Mik Shida moves across mediums and styles, ensuring that his art is anything but predictable and defies easy definition.

Mik Shida, Mural for Pillars Project (detail), 2014.

Mik Shida, Mural Pillars Project (detail), 2014. Image: Engage Arts.

Originally inspired by the street art he experienced while travelling around Europe, Mik Shida believes that Australia has a very high calibre of street art, equal to that found elsewhere in the world. This belief is drawn from his extensive travels, having made works from New York to Sao Paulo, and Berlin to Cambodia.

Fortunately, you can discover Mik Shida’s electric works in Brisbane. Stop by Merivale Street in South Brisbane, to uncover his large scale mural painted for the Brisbane’s Pillar Project (read more on the Pillars Project in Street Journeys #2). In this work figures roam the pylons, as if appearing from another realm.

Mik Shida, Mural for Pillars Project, 2014.

Mik Shida, Mural for Pillars Project, 2014. Image: Engage Arts.

Cross the river into Brisbane City and navigate to Ann and Creek Street where the Ann Street underpass runs into Wickham Terrace (just down the road from the New Inchcolm Hotel). This graphic mural is a conversation in colour, line and shape, that ripples and wraps onto the roof, then spreads out along the curved walls of the underpass.

Mik Shida, Mural Creek Street Underpass, Brisbane City.

Mik Shida, Mural Ann Street Underpass, Brisbane City. Image: Engage Arts.

Mik Shida, Mural Creek Street Underpass, Brisbane City. Image: Engage Arts

Mik Shida, Mural Ann Street Underpass, Brisbane City. Image: Engage Arts

Some of the other locations where you can catch a glimpse of Mik Shida’s work include: behind Jamie’s Espresso in James Street; on Railway Terrace, Milton; and on Cartel Bar’s wall on the corner of Weetman and Caxton.

With a fresh and distinctive style, we know you will enjoy discovering Mik Shida’s works as much as we did.


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