Refresh | Friday Night Laneways – Videos

Fancy a little post-Easter refresh of Friday Night Laneways? Thanks to Owen of Shortstack Productions, you can take a look at the videos (below) or follow the link the Engage Arts YouTube Channel.

Thanks to Craig Parry for the music track for the videos! Check out Craig’s Weird Dance Music compilation.

Here is a little more about the event for those who missed it…

Brisbane City Council selected Engage Arts to produce Friday Night Laneways on 11 March 2016 at Fish Lane during the World Science Festival Brisbane. The event brought together group of cross-disciplinary practitioners informed by art, electronic music, science & technology for an illuminated night of ‘Organic Data’.

Commissioning works specifically for the event, Engage Arts worked with digital artist Alinta Krauth, hypermedia artist and poet Jason Nelson, musician Craig Parry (Puzhaki), and visual technician Mark Wells (VJ Lighrift).  With the lighting and technical delivered by Brisbane Concert Lighting (BCL), Fish Lane was transformed into an interactive digital canvas. Visitors wandered through the lane taking photos at the ‘light portraits’, changing the interactive digital art or simply following the mysterious roving digital creatures.

“Fish Lane was transformed after dark last Friday night with every surface becoming a projection screen for the digital artworks. The moving artworks themselves were mesmerising, beautiful and executed so professionally. Even the streetscape itself had a magic wand pass with spots to sit on a coloured cube while enjoying a bud lit garden or chatting with friends. And people did stay, and mingle in the lane and then wander through again for another look.  A feast for the eyes! I loved it!” (Helena, interstate visitor)

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