In the Spotlight: Elysha Rei (Gould)

The countdown to the BrisAsia Festival 2016 is on, and Engage Arts ‘In the Spotlight’ blog is featuring the artists for Weaving Our Heritage. Elysha Rei (Gould) is one of the Brisbane-based artists working on this laneway installation.

Rei’s art practice explores ideas of transition and migration. As a global traveller, Rei is influenced by many cultures, having spent time in Australia, Japan, Thailand, Nigeria, Turkey and Iraq. She has a strong appreciation for Japanese art and design inspired by her family’s heritage.

Rei often uses traditional Japanese paper-cutting techniques to create intricate, large-scale paper cut installations. Hand-cut and delicate, these paper works are visually inspired by decorative designs, family emblems and plant and animal symbols.

For Weaving Our Heritage, Rei has adapted her paper-cuts to create site specific works that will feature outdoors with a new palette of bright colour. Alongside her paper-cuts Rei is creating paste-ups and chalk stencils. To find out more about Rei’s work visit her website

Don’t miss the opportunity view Elysha Rei and Vanghoua Anthony Vue’s work from the 7-21 February in Eagle Lane, Brisbane. To find out more on the BrisAsia Festival events

  • BrisAsia Festival, Weaving Our Heritage
  • When: 7- 21 February 2016
  • Where: Eagle Lane, Brisbane City
  • Cost: Free


Image: Elsyha Rei (Gould), detail of paper-cuts.

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